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FIRESTORM's Andy Lau and Yao Chen walk the red carpet
Wa Jai praises 10 year old Jacqueline Chan's acting
Michael Miu shows his support
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The film FIRESTORM (FUNG BO) two nights ago held its premiere at the Venetian Macau. As executive producer, producer, actor Andy Lau Tak Wa led Yao Chen, Philip Keung Ho Man, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Vinz Sze Cho Nam and child actor Jacqueline Chan Pui Yin dressed up for the red carpet. One of the Five Tigers Michael Miu Kiu Wai showed his support; other guests included Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Taiwan group Lollipop F.

Wa Jai praised his on screen god daughter, the 10 year old child actor Chan Pui Yin, for her acting. It left him with a memorable impression. Pui Yin pointed out that that this was not her first film. Earlier she already participated in almost 10 films like MY SASSY HUBBY (NGOR LO GUNG NG SUN SING) and TURNING POINT 2 (CHIM JUI FAN). Wa Jai joked that she had more experience than many new actors. He said, "In the past two years I have worked with many children on films, some could only play themselves. However Pui Yin who is very energetic can play an autistic child, which is very different from her personality."

Wa Jai was asked if he would let his daughter join the business. He laughed and said, "It's such a long time away, let's talk about it then and let her develop freely. (If she has interest would you support it?) It's too far, I don't know yet. (Pui Yin has already acted in many films at age 10?) Then wait until she is 10 and I will tell you."

Has his daughter inherited his performance talent? Pui Yin thought that she was being asked and successfully saved "god father". Wa Jai who breathed a sigh of relief could not help but thank her.

Miu Kiu Wai's children posted intimate photos with opposite sex. He said that the most important was the photo was pretty. It was very normal for the children to date. He did not have to make a big deal. His daughter had many friends, but he did not know who was the real deal.

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