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Shawn Yue Man Lok in the upcoming Emperor Motion Picture release AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT (GAU FOR YING HUNG) played a father for the first time. He felt that his performance still lacked feeling, but the child actor who played his son was very outstanding. Director Derek Kwok Chi Kin said that he wanted Lok Jai to play some different characters from his handsome image.

AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT is a firefighter story, but with few fire scenes. Kwok Chi Kin said that this time the focus was on smoke, because in a real fire, heavy smoke was more horrifying than flame. Many victims died from suffocating. Kwok Chi Kin said, "In a fire when heavy smoke is all around, fear can easily arise in people. Smoke is the biggest villain, but as long as everyone can break through the heavy smoke, daylight was ahead. In the film everyone had their own demons, through the fire in the film they each overcame their own shadow." Kwok Chi Kin said that many films were about firefighters and police, although the subject was the same the story was completely different. He hoped to be able to bring out some new ideas this time.

Lok Jai played a father for the first time in a film. He said that the feeling was special. Before hand he even asked his single parent friends for advice. Since he has never been a father, he felt that his performance still lacked a little flavor of a father. He also praised the child actor who played his son as very smart. At only age 10 he was like his older brother. Lok Jai said, "I really have to learn from him, I like to act with children. I don't feel they are trouble. Instead they are very cute. They are naive and direct. I have always wanted to be a father, but sometimes when I saw my friends being parents to death, I thought that being a father wasn't as easy as imagined."

Did he have any female companion in the film? Lok Jai said that he was pleased with having a son and left the ladies for Nicholas Tse Ting Fung. Speaking of working with Ting Fung again, Lok Jai felt that he has matured a lot. "The last time we worked together was already DRAGON TIGER GATE (LUNG FU MOON). After 5 or 6 years, everyone's life experiences are different. We can sense the change. With more life experience and age, actually I am pretty similar to the age of the father in the film." Lok Jai also said that they talked about everything when they had time. Ting Fung has focused on work for years. In recent years he also began to fight for the opportunity to be with his family. Has Ting Fung urged him to hurry up and start a family? He said, "No, maybe he knows it's tough so he doesn't tell me to!"

Aside from playing a father, Lok Jai in the film was also a firefighter. During the shoot he carried several dozen pounds of equipment for over 10 hours. It was tougher than real firefighters. He said, "When I was in full gear, the difficulty exceeded any imagination. It took a lot of energy, real firefighters only had to carry it for 2 to 3 hours. We had to shoot of over 10 hours. Luckily it was shot in the winter, if it was in the summer I really wouldn't know what would happen."

Lok Jai admitted that he has always wanted to make a firefighter movie. This time he finally got his wish. He praised the story as very well written and could make human nature transparent. He said, "Everyone thinks firefighters are heroes, but actually they are afraid to die too. Th story is entertaining in that it is humanized and not idolize firefighters." Earlier Louis Koo Tin Lok and Sean Lau Ching Wan's OUT OF INFERNO 3D (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN 3D) was also about firefighters. Was he afraid of comparison? Lok Jai said that he did not see that film, but he was not afraid of comparison because the stories were completely different. In addition the other film was about Guangzhou firefighters. They were Hong Kong firefighters. He believed that the Hong Kong viewers would feel even more intimate.

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