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Andy Lau appears with Yao Chen amid cheers
Child actor Jacqueline Chan calls Andy Lau "Brother"
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The film FIRESTORM (FUNG WON) was selected to be the 56th Asia Pacific Film Festival opening film. Executive producer, producer and star Andy Lau Tak Wa yesterday attended the Macau press conference with Yao Chen, Philip Keung Ho Man, Michael Tong Man Lung and child actor Jacqueline Chan Pui Yin. Chan Pui Yin was asked if she liked her on screen god father Lau Tak Wa or her on screen father Keung Ho Man? She said, "I like them both. Brother Lau Tak Wa took great care of me." As a father when Wa Jai held "brother" had an awkward expression. He said, "What did you say?"

Yao Chen had a minor cough. Reporters asked Wa Jai to hold her for warmth, but the married man shook his head. "I have a wife!" Although they only had a hand holding scene, Wa Jai still praised Yao Chen as a good actress. he hoped to have a chance for romance next time.

As an executive producer and a producer Wa Jai joked that he did not supervise everyday. "The director doesn't want me to go either, saying that he had pressure. Higher costs with the large scale gun fight scenes? They were OK, money was used where it should be. As for the actual figure I don't know. The biggest investment was the Central set construction." The film added a lot of action scenes and commercial elements in order to promote Hong Kong police film in the Mainland market. Wa Jai admitted that during the shoot flesh wounds were inevitable. As for box office expectation, he was full of confidence. "My past Mainland box office was within 300 million, I hope this time I can exceed 300 million yuan."

Yao Chen at first was very excited about working with Wa Jai, but when she received the script she realized that she only had one scene with him. She had some regrets. "I hope next time I can hold a gun and play a cop. I also want to play a more masculine character."

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