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Poyd does not claim to be a transsexual and even calls herself a woman
Poyd likes Nicholas Tse after watching THE PROMISE
Nick Cheung and Poyd in THE WHITE STORM
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Known as Thailand's prettiest transsexual, Poyd in the Hong Kong film THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK) had a passionate kiss scene with Nick Cheung Ka Fai and thus became widely known to the Hong Kong audience. Poyd received applause onscreen, but as a "second category woman" she withstood a lot of pressure. From changing her sex to joining show business, she never received any support from her parents. Recently she broke up with her boyfriend due to her busy work schedule. Luckily Poyd was born happy. She also paid attention to Hong Kong show business news. She knew that "sex photo scandal star" Edison Chen Koon Hei was very famous, but has not thought about working him. She even said that Nicholas Tse Ting Fung was her dream lover.

Thailand's prettiest transsexual Poyd was "more woman than a woman". She liked to choose her own fashion for the photo shoot. In front of the camera she displayed her feminine side, showing off her 33-25-36.5 figure and 41 inch long legs; during the interview while waiting for the translator, she often played with her long hair and took photos of herself on her phone. "At age 17 before the sex change I was already in the business, but I have always appeared as a woman. Soon after I went to have a sex change operation, which was the way to cure myself. Since I was little I was already diagnosed with higher estrogen, so my entire body was very feminine. During adolescence my body was different from a male's, so I decided to have the sex change operation." Due to the excessive amount of estrogen, after the sex change she did not need any hormone injection. The doctor instead asked her to take male hormone for balance.

Poyd felt lucky as show business did not reject her after the sex change. "The industry in Thailand and my fans all accepted me. I wouldn't tell fans the negative sides of the sex change. I also insist that I am not a transsexual but a girl, a woman!" Poyd's skin was light and smooth, unlike the average Thai person's darker skin. She said, "I like to sunbath too and would get tanned, but not as dark as (Louis) Koo Tin Lok, hahaha! I don't focus on staying light skinned, I would only put on a little suntan lotion to prevent UV. Instead I am the most concerned with smooth skin. Normally I would use skin care products, take vitamin pills, eat more vegetable and less meat. In addition I have a personal nutritionist. I would also practice yoga to remove toxins."

Poyd was quite confident about her figure. "Looking natural is enough, I am already very pleased. I haven't had my facial features done, just braces. I don't dare to compare to normal girls because girls have the responsibility to have children, but I don't have this privilege. I regret that I can't have children. I really like kids, perhaps I would consider adoption, sperm donation and surrogate. Now I am sponsoring 6 Thai children."

She has been so busy with making movies that she has had no time to sleep. Even her love life was sacrificed as Poyd earlier broke up with her boyfriend. "Because we don't have time to be together, during the break up I was very clear. I hope he can find someone better. We are still friends. Now I have no suitor, if I say after becoming a girl I have many suitors I would sound very arrogant. I don't want people to think that either. For now I don't want to find a boyfriend since we just broke up. I want to focus on work." Poyd felt that marriage was about fate. She would not set when she would wed, perhaps tomorrow she might have a flash wedding.

Poyd admitted that THE WHITE STORM helped her explore the Mainland market. "Hong Kong producers helped me with Mainland connections, but I am very busy in Thailand. Work in the Mainland will depend on my schedule, I really want to make a Chinese costume film and play a palace girl in the Palace." She was also interested in action films and hoped to be able to work with Thai star Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Jackie Chan. "Tony Jaa is amazing, I am afraid that he can kill me with one kick." Poyd also looked forward to making a sequel with THE WHITE STORM team. "Koo Tin Lok is like a big brother, he is a lot of fun. If we can work together again, it will be like a family reunion."

Poyd was revealed to like Koo Tin Lok. Speaking of intimate scenes if they work together again, she said, "I have to think about it. I am afraid of frightening my parents. Last time when I shot the kiss scene with Cheung Ka Fai, I told my parents in advance." Poyd from the sex change to joining show business did not have her parents' support at first. "When I was little, my parents already didn't support my dressing like a girl. They also objected to me getting into the business and having the sex change operation; however as more and more people supported me, my parents began to relax. Now they support me."

Poyd claimed that she was not pretty. She thought that Fan Bingbing was a very pretty Chinese actress. She asked, "Who is pretty in Hong Kong? I have heard of Angelababy's name but never seen her." Poyd suddenly thought of "sex photo scandal lead" Chen Koon Hei's name. "Chen Koon Hei is very famous. Did I see his photos? Hahaha! I won't say!" Did she want to work with Chen Koon Hei? Poyd suddenly said in Cantonese, "No!" As for her favorite Hong Kong actor, Poyd said, "I really like (Cecilia) Cheung Pak Chi's former husband (Nicholas) Tse Ting Fung, but I can't say why. I have seen him in THE PROMISE, it's great. I really want to make this type of movie."

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