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Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai's intimate scene with transgender actress Poyd in the film THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK) became the talk of the town. Recently he not only has been busy with that film's promotion but also with his friend Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's new film GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS). Although Ka Fai was only a guest star in the film, he was not sloppy at all. He will even appear in a thong, which conceivably will be one of the film's major attraction.

Two nights ago Ka Fai appeared in an outdated white suit look in Tsim Sha Tsui for a location shoot. In the scene he appeared alone and had to draw a blade from his waist. Although the shoot took place late at night, he still drew quite a large crowd.

In the story Kwan Yu and past his prime mob boss Ka Fai were in line for concert tickets at a piano store. Ka Fai was just released from prison and still thought the world was his. He got into a fight with a group of South Asians on the line. Obviously it was based on the Lady GaGa Hong Kong ticket fever last year. Ka Fai in order to coordinate with his over the hill boss identity wore a white suit with a printed tee shirts, high waist pants and thick gold chains. He brought to life the Chan Wai Man era Wise Guys.

Ka Fai even called for backup against the South Asian line gang. Ka Fai's followers were all different shapes, sizes and age. Dragon immediately returned to him as he said to his followers, "Hey, put on some clothes first." Later when he went to complain to the person who got him his back up, he got hung up on and received South Asian gang's ridicule in return. Dragon again returned to Ka Fai as Dragon's aura radiated from his looks to his body. He slowly pulled up a blade from his waist in preparation for a slaughter. Luckily Kwan Yu stopped him in a feminine voice. Because the director was rather demanding, even though the actors did their jobs he still had to shoot three times before he was pleased. Around midnight the shoot ended. Kwan Yu said that Ka Fai played a over the hill TST East boss. As soon as he opened his mouth the crew was already very pleased.

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