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The 50 year old Yammie Nam Kit Ying has had emotional disorders for over 10 years, often due to her unusual behavior she was checked into the hospital psychiatric ward. Last month she was "missing" for awhile. Later a magazine reported that in a suspected Putonghua media interview, she stated that around 30 years ago two film industry big brothers raped her and the experience caused physical and psychological damages to her. After the report went public, former friend Carina Lau Ka Ling as well as many in the industry expressed concern over her condition. Jackie Chan two days ago attended an event in Beijing and said, "There is more to the story, it can't be told in two or three phrases."

After her "disappearance", Nam Kit Ying yesterday appeared for the first time. Actually she has been going to church for awhile. With a religion and caring church friends, her condition has improved. Yesterday after church she returned home. Although she did not accept any interview, she was calm. She looked fuller both physically and spiritually, hopefully she will have a good start to a new beginning.

When asked about how her health was, Nam Kit Ying had no expression and did not reply. Her church friend replied for her, "Great". After the interview went public many were worried about her. Lau Ka Ling wanted to visit her. Did she want to see Ka Ling? Nam Kit Ying did not respond before she entered the building. After awhile her female church friend left. She revealed that in the morning she and Nam Kit Ying went to church. Nam Kit Ying's condition was great and she hoped no one would disturb her.

Past reports claimed that Nam Kit Ying only trusted Andy Lau Tak Wa and Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan two days ago attended an event in Beijing. When asked about Nam Kit Ying's rape revelation, he said, "It's a long story, one that can't be finished in a few words. Next time let's talk about this in an one on one interview." He quickly left after that.

The Performing Artist Guild yesterday replied to inquiries about the rapes. Nam Kit Ying was its member. PAG has stayed in contact with her and was very concerned with the Nam Kit Ying report. However for now Nam Kit Ying has not asked for any assistance. However PAG contacted her for an understanding. It will provide her with assistance if needed.

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