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Candy Lo says Anita Mui is irreplaceable
Deep Ng (second right) and his band CLOSER
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Josie Ho Chiu Yi two nights ago performed at the Anita Mui Ten Year Encore Charity Band Show. 300 fans came to show their support. A group of singers and local band took turns to perform Ah Mui's classic songs. Outside stalls sold products with Ah Mui's image. Tickets and memorabilia proceeds after expenses would be donated to St. James' Settlement to support services for the elderly.

Ah Mui's super fan Ho Chiu Yi and the band The Uni Boys performed 3 songs together. When she performed she only followed Ah Mui's trademark choreography, but she was out of breath once. Chiu Yi claimed to be a watermelon when she posed for photos, as she was all round. She explained that because of the 3D NAKED AMBITION (3D HO CHING) she was forced to gain weight. With a commercial on hand she believed that she would very quickly get back into shape.

As for being out of breath, she said, "Sister Mui really was in great shape, even with more time I might not be able to catch up. In addition her stage presence was amazing, from every angle she looked good." Chiu Yi revealed that Mui Nation wanted to raise fund for a bronze status of their idol Mui Yim Fong. She made a special donation to support the cause. "I heard that we would have to wait for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department approval before we could put in on the Avenue of Stars. However I donated money first and asked friends to do the same. As for the memorial concert on the 30th, I will be in the audience to show my support."

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