Monday, December 16, 2013


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Gordon Lam, Yao Chen, Andy Lau
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Andy Lau Tak Wa, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Yao Chen two nights ago attended the FIRESTORM (FUNG BO) premiere. FIRESTORM after 3 days in Mainland release made over 120 million yuan. Wa Jai hoped that the Mainland box office could exceed 300 million and wanted its Hong Kong box office to catch up to Nick Cheung Ka Fai's THE WHITE STORM (SO DUK).

Lam Ka Tung and Yao Chen played a couple. He joked, "Yao Chen is Lam Ka Tung's first girlfriend in his film history!" Yao Chen praised him as wild yet faithful. Wa Jai made fun of Lam Ka Tung, "Are we making a comedy?" Yao Chen in the film shaved Lam Ka Tung's head and even had a bed scene together. However it was cut. Lam Ka Tung joked, "I have no regret, but viewers might!" Yao Chen said that she had a little regret and would make another one next time.

Wa Jai was asked if he saw THE WHITE STORM as its biggest rival. He hoped that they both kept performing well. "Hong Kong police film is our important subject. I hope it strengthens the Hong Kong market." His goal was 300 million yuan at the Mainland box office. Now it has already reached half of that. He hoped that every time he would be lucky.

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