Tuesday, December 24, 2013


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On Christmas Eve, Andy Hui waves to the camera while Sammi is busy holding a bowl of salad
ONLY YOU CANNOT BE REPLACED has become On Jai and Sammi's love song
Sammi Cheng smiles the brightest when Andy Hui is around
On Jai and Sammi in Chinese wedding costumes on the stage
When both On Jai and Sammi won the TVB Jade Solid Gold Most Popular Singers his "Kitchen Declaration" has become classic
Sammi and On Jai announce that they are back together

courtsy of mingpao.com
Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Andy Hui Chi On announced good news on Christmas Eve. The 46 year old On Jai successfully proposed to Sammi on her 41st birthday in August, as Sammi agreed to become Mrs. Hui. The new couple at the end of November secretly went to Bali with their families as a warm up for the weeding, but they have not yet registered. Their almost a quarter century long romance experienced some turbulence. ONLY YOU CANNOT BE REPLACED was On Jai and Sammi's love song. Last night, Hui Chi On and soon to be Mrs. Hui Sammi went on patrol on Christmas Eve. They later returned to Sammi's home to celebrate the holiday.

Sammi and On Jai's manager Kwok Kai Wa yesterday announced the good nws for them. He said, "I have a very happy announcement to make, actually on Sammi's birthday this year (August 19), On Jai at the birthday party proposed to Sammi and was finally successful. Then at the end of November, they and their families went to Bali to celebrate this occasion. As their manager, I have known them for over a quarter century and seen a lot that they have experienced to finally be together. I never thought that Sammi would accept. I am just as excited as everyone. As for when the upcoming event (wedding) will take place, we will have to wait for their announcement later."

Kwok Kai wa added, "for now it is just a marriage proposal, in Bali they did not conduct any official signature and registration (of marriage), so their registration in Hong Kong will take place later as well."

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