Thursday, December 26, 2013


The Stephen Chowdirected, Shu Qi starred JOURNEY TO THE WEST is the 2013 Mainland box office champion
IRON MEN 3 is the highest grossing foreign film
LOST IN THAILAND's Wang Baoqiang, Xu Zheng and Huang Bo
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN) toppd the 2013 Mainland film box office according to a Mainland site estimate. The highest grossing foreign film was IRON MAN 3 with over 740 million yuan RMB.

Chow Sing Chi was the director with highest box office. In second place was Guo Jingming, whose TINY TIMES and TINY TIMES 2 had over 770 million yuan RMB in cumulative box office. Vicki Zhao Wei's directing debut SO YOUNG had over 700 million yuan RMB in third place; even Tsui Hark and Peter Chan Ho Sun were crushed.

The highest exposure actor was Huang Bo who had 4 film releases this year with a total box office of 1.92 billion RMB. In second place was Andy Lau Tak Wa with 670 million RMB. In third was Louis Koo Tin Lok with 490 million RMB. The highest exposure actress was Amber Kuo with 830 million RMB. In second was Bai Baihe and in third was Zhang Ziyi. Mini Yang Mi tightly followed in fourth and Fan Bingbing was fifth.

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