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Eason Chan and Kay Tse were linked in gossips but they are not embarrassed to share the stage
Eason Chan keeps on coughing after his performance
Joey Yung accepted her 3.5 awards two nights ago at her Hong Kong Coliseum concert
Andy Hui receives a pair of wedding dolls and the wedding march along with his award
Raymond Lam even choks when he dances
Gillian Chung wins National Music Poll Hit Idol
Ella Koon wins Hit Female Singer
Taiwan's Alien Huang wins 3 awards
Fiona Sit wins a song award with ZHUGE LIANG
Sugar Club's Kandy 
Linda Chung wins "Hit Female Singer" Award and sends a video
Janice Vidal accepts "Hit Asia Singer Award"
Kelvin Kwan, Mag Lam, Gin Lee performs hits of Danny Chan, Roman Tam, Leslie Cheung, Wong Ka Kui and Anita Mui's classic hits
Only 20% of the audience remains by the end of the show
Kary Ng
Rainky Wai
TVB did not cut out HKTV artist Lesley Chiang's acceptance
Regen Cheung
Louis Cheung helplessly accepts an award from his wife Kay Tse
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The music industry's first report card, Metro Radio Hit Awards 2013 took place last night at the Convention Center and ran for over 5 hours. By midnight it was still going, only 20% of the live audience remained.

Eason Chan Yik Shun won 5 awards to become the big winner. Joey Yung Cho Yi was the best among female singers with 3.5 awards but she was absent due to her concert. They even won their seventh "Global Hit Singer Award". Andy Hui Chi On appeared for the first time after announcing his engagement. Metro "added awards as presented" as he won 4. Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Leo Ku Kui Ke, Khalil Fong Datong, Denise Ho Wan Si, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and others were absent and received no award.

The award ceremony began around 7PM. At first the admission rate was only 40%. Later it was near 80%. Many big name singers were absent. Female singer big winner Yung Cho Yi was performing a concert and could not attend. "Female Hit Singer" Linda Chung Ka Yun and G.E.M were also absent and only sent video speeches. Yeung Chin Wa, Ku Kui Kei, Fong Datong, Ho Wan Si, Choi Cheuk Yin did not attend and received no award. Due to many performing singers were new facs, the event grew dull. Luckily it still had Chan Yik Shun, Hui Chi On, Hacken Lee Hak Kun, Kay Tse On Kay. Once linked in rumors Tse On Kay and Eason even shared the stage to present awards.

Big winner Chan Yik Shun won his seventh "Global Hit Singer" in a row, as well as "Singer of the Year", "Students Most Appreciated Male Singer", "Hit Stage Award" and with FREE TO ROAM received the "Song of the Year". When he won the "students Most Appreciated Male Singer" award Eason asked, "What students? Would they be kindergarten students? Secondary school students, great! I will continue to stay young and sing Korean films, I will be E-Tiger, I will dye my hair later!" After singing his award winning song he kept coughing due to the smoke.

Hui Chi On appeared in red and had quite a joyous feel. On Jai kept smiling sweetly. Host Icy Wong Yuen Man made fun of him and said that aside from my song LOVER A won an award, he also won "LOVER S" (Sammi Cheng Sau Man). On Jai only smiled. On Jai later accepted the "Global Hit Singer" Award. Chu Ming Yui asked him to recount his proposal in detail to everyone. Aside from giving him a pair of wedding figures, he also cued up the wedding march. On Jai's face turned red, as he only said that now he wanted to sing LOVER A for everyone the most. He also did not thank Sammi.

Originally On Jai reportedly would be "Global Hit Singer", "Gold Song Award" and "Music Station Most Appreciated Song", but he received an additional "National music pool Hit Singer Award". Raymond Lam Fung also could not avoid the topic of Karena Ng Chin Yu and the diamond ring on her finger. He only laughed and did not bother to respond.

Yung Cho Yi won 3.5 awards, the most among female singers. Two nights ago she already accepted the awards from Metro's Chu Ming Yui at the Hong Kong Coliseum. She not only won the "Global Hit Singer", "Hit Record" but also with SKYLIGHT won Gold Song Award. The duet version of the song with Pakho Chau also received the "Hit Duet Song". Lam Fung, Edmond Leung Hong Man, Tse On Kay and G.E.M, Alien Huang Hong Sheng all 3 awards.

Tse On Kay was arranged to present "Hit Creative Singer awards". When she learned that the final winner was her husband Louis Cheung Kai Chung, she immediately folded her arms and refused to present it. Cheung Kai Chung had to shake her hand first to receive the award.

The host did not know that Tse On Kay was upset and even asked them to kiss to celebrate. Tse On Kay and Cheung Chung Kai had stiff expressions and waved him off. They seemingly were upset that Metro Radio set them up.

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