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Edison Chen says that he really likes making movies
Charlene Choi has her back to Edison Chen the entire time
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Since the indecent photo scandal, Gillian Chung Yun Tung and Edison Chen Koon Hei have kept their distance. Even her buddy Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin when attending the STREETS OF MACAO (OH MOON GAI) premiere in Macau acted like Edison was a stranger and kept her back toward him; even when they were on the stage for a toast, they pretended not to see each other even though they were less than 10 meters apart.

Edison and Ah Sa intricately dodged each other as they appeared on the red carpet separately. Although they both said that they did not mind, their assistants were very tense. After Ah Sa completed her electronic media interview, her assistant immediately spoke with the public relations. Ah Sa also caught a glimpse of Edison who was in a print interview; when Edison moved to the electronic media interview, Ah Sa then accepted print interviews and successfully avoided a direct confrontation. When reporters asked them for a photo together, Ah Sa's assistant immediately interfered and hinted that no one should keep waiting.

Edison who appeared to have been drinking admitted that he saw Ah Sa but has not had the chance to greet her. He said, "If I can see her in my line of sight, I would say hello to her. I wouldn't deliberately greet her. (Would seeing her feel awkward?) I wouldn't, I hope she wouldn't either. I don't know if she saw me." Then he asked reporters with frustration, "Why don't you ask yourself if you feel awkward!"

Ah Sa had a few words about the arrangement. "I waited in a room for over a hour, but no one arranged for me to appear. (Would you feel awkward?) No, what haven't I seen?" Ah Sa also admitted that she saw Edison but she has not greeted him yet. "Seeing him doesn't mean eye contact. (He said that he would greet you if he sees you?) I think he is too lucky, he hasn't been able to see me. (Would you greet him if you saw him?) Might as well, I am a very polite person." Ah Sa said that she was not familiar with Edison, so they did not have much to talk about. She really did not remember if this was the first time they were at the same event after (the indecent photo scandal). Would she deliberately avoid a toast with him? Ah Sa asked, "Really? I don't know, I am a little 'disoriented' from awaiting, it's like a dream." Would she mind working with him? Ah Sa said it would depend on what the collaboration was. "Everyone hopes to wish others well, I hope he can return to a position anew." Would she mind a photo together? She joked, "Why not, I am not scared of you!"

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