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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung last night attended the Emperor Group Beijing anniversary banquet. Group chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing made an appearance with artists Tse Ting Fung, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Wai Ying Hung, Mainland director Feng Xiaogang, Michelle Wai Si Nga and Hu Jun. Ting Fung walked the red carpet with boss Yeung Sau Sing. Mr. Yeung welcomed guests personally on the red carpet and revealed that many friends put up money for the lucky drawing.

As soon as Ting Fung appeared, many Emperor employees surrounded him for photos. When he went on the stage for the lucky drawing, women off stage fought to take photos with their phones. Ting Fung said that he has not attend such a banquet in a long time. This time he came just for the company's anniversary. As for being popular with fans, he said, "It's OK! The most important is for them to be happy." Fans wanted to erect an Anita Mui bronze statue on the Avenue of Stars. Ting Fung said that he did not know. As for Jacky Cheung Hok Yau being caught near his company, were they working on Sister Mui's memorial event? He said, "I know what they are doing. (Your company is participating?) I am not sure." He said that he would not participate so he could not say anything. "That day I would have to go to Hunan for a countdown show, as long as I remember Sister Mui in my heart it's OK."

Jackie Chan last night was unable to attend due to film promotion but sent a congratulation video. He even called Mr. Yeung "Honey". He said, "Honey knows what I am doing, he would understand. He often takes me to the karaoke box, night club, actually we will have film collaborations." Big Brother even offered 50,000 yuan for the luck drawing. He said, "If it's not enough, I will take out another 50,000, Mr. Yeung will cover me first."

A video was shot at the end of the banquet to introduce Ting Fung's food program. Boss Mr. Yeung even presented a poster with Chef Ting Fung to Ting Fung. Mr. Yeung said, "Very handsome." Mr. Yeung even said that the program would definitely have good rating because Ting Fung called in all the favors. He would watch every episode.

Yam Tat Wa took the boss' private jet to Beijing for the first time. They discussed film projects on the flight and his schedule next year will be scheduled tightly. His film AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT (GAU FOR YING HUNG) was a box office hit as he was called "super fireman". He admitted that as long the script was good he would not mind taking a pay cut. Later he will work on CHUNG FUNG CHEH (ARMORED PERSONNEL VEHICLE) he will also reduce his salary to encourage a new director. In the film he and Francis Ng Chun Yu will play brothers at odds. Earlier Alex Fong Chung Shun complained that after joining the company for half a year work has been nonstop. Brother Wa praised the company for great arrangement. He said, "He is just boasting. I am making movies in both Hong Kong and China. I can keep my daughter company and in the New Year I can go on vacation. This is the life." Brother Wa admitted that he will continue to work for Emperor. Would he like a raise? He said, "The boss would (give a raise), it doesn't have to be a raise, I can reduce my salary for good films."

Wai Ying Hung earlier went to Malaysia to discuss two films. She revealed that the trip was like a vacation for her. Would she want to find a companion? She said, "I want to. (Are you too demanding?) No! As long as he is nice. partners at work are already 'taken'. I am a little homebody." She said that friends also have played matchmakers but none were easy on the eye. Earlier a good friend pursued her. Later she will work on a movie in Malaysia, she said that she would not mind an overseas romance. "Would people like us still take our time dating? When we have something we have to be quick."

In addition, Chan Wai Ting won the Macau International Film Festival Best Supporting Actor. He won with his first nomination but did not dare to celebrate because he felt that he was still lacking in many aspects. His girlfriend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin was also happy for him. Because in recent years he deliberately sang late to focus on film, the award undoubtedly was a shot of confidence. Would he reward himself with a gift? He said, "I want to, but I just bought a home. I don't have too much money left." He denied that he was building a love nest, the unit was small and it was only an investment. How large of a mansion would he have to be able to buy before he would marry Ah Sa? "Love isn't measured in square footage, mentally I am not ready yet. Now it's the time to make a killing, and we are still in the dating stages." Was he planning to wed when he won the Best Actor? He said, "It's not an award issue, my career just started." Wai Si Nga joked that she often asked William to introduce good property but she would back out as soon as she asked.

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