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Many oil paintings of Anita Mui are on display
To Jing Jing is Anita Mui's costume fitting double
To Jing Jing (left), Robert Hung, Ms. So
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Today is the 10th anniversary of the superstar of a generation Anita Mui Yim Fong's passing. The Anita Mui International Fan Club last night held a TONIGHT ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU memorial event in Wanchai, almost 200 Mui fans attended. Ah Mui's friend Robert Hung was the host. Ah Mui's concert costume planner To Jing Jing also attended.

Speaking of the 10th anniversary concert tonight, fan club president Ms. So said that fan club members helped with the memorial rose production. "Every concert viewer would receive a glowing rose, when lit it would turn red. One day we put ribbons around over 7,000 roses, like at a factory we worked from 11AM to 1AM." The fan club last night held LED candles for a moment of silence. Ah Mui's performance, cancer announcement press conference and funeral videos were played. Ms. So and many fans watched and shed tears.

Robert Hung recalled when he met Ah Mui. "When Sister Mui studied singing with Dai Si Chung, I already knew her. She was very tough, honorable and bold. Not everyone could be like her. She was a superstar worthy of learning from and following." Robert Hung said that Ah Mui would never attend costume fittings, To Jing Jing was her "double". Even with the diamond bra To Jing Jing tried it on for her, but once she made Ah Mui have a wardrobe malfunction. Robert Hung said, "To Jing Jing said that Sister Mui was smaller than her, if she felt that the costume was tight, it would fit Sister Mui. However in the end the costume was still loose and Sister Mui had a wardrobe malfunction."

Ah Mui's friend Eric Tsang Chi Wai earlier went to Japan with his family returned to Hong Kong yesterday. Tonight she will attend the Mui Yim Fong memorial concert.

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