Tuesday, December 24, 2013


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Eric Tsang Chi Wai attended the Mainland reality show MIRACLE AUDITION promotion. He responded for the first time to claims that Yammie Nam Kit Ying allegedly made in an interview about being raped by two film industry big brothers. Chi Wai said that he has not found Nam Kit Ying yet and did not know her whereabouts. "I have met with the Performing Artist Guild, but we need Nam Kit Ying to ask us for help. I can't offer help, privately I might not be able to find her either."

Chi Wai said that he did not know how real the interview footage was, but he heard that later in another interview she denied her (rape victim) interview. Chi Wai said, "Currently I have no way to confirm its authenticity because Nam Kit Ying and I have very little contact. I heard that she has moved to Shenzhen, I don't have her number. The original number no longer connects."

Speaking of a video of Nam Kit Ying's interview and Carina Lau Ka Ling was concerned about her friend and hoped that Chi Wai would provide assistance, Chi Wai said, "Ka Ling know that Nam Kit Ying and I are good friends. Actually (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu, (Margie) Tsang Wa Sin and I all once were her close friends, but lately we have little contact."

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