Tuesday, December 31, 2013


courtesy of mingpao.com

The 72 year old Lo Hoi Pang is a impersonation and comedy master. He in the Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's Lunar New Year film GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS) challenged an impersonation of the 47 year old Korean fitness queen Jung Da-Yeon as he led Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Michelle Wai Si Nga and others in the popular Figurerobics. Brother Pang became addicted as soon as he tried it and showed off his dance skills for half a day.

Brother Pang learned from the video and danced the Jung Da-Yeon Figurerobics convincingly. All the girls around him was attracted to his dancing and presence. Producer Ng Kwan Yu praised Brother Pang for still being so "hard" at age 72, because Figurerobics required a lot of energy. However he still completed the entire scene without any issue. He indeed was the film industry evergreen. Kwan Yu said, "If I have the chance I would ask Brother Pang to dance with Jung Da-Yeon once, it definitely will be very entertaining. Just from his shape, Brother Pang's legs may be slimmer than Sister Yeon!" Wong Yuen Chi also danced convincingly, coordinating with his buckteeth costume she and Brother Pang launched comedy bombs.

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