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Donnie Yen Chi Tan's lawsuit against Mainland director Tan Bing (originally named Geng Weiguo) for slander stated that both parties had no contractual relationship or employer employee relationship yet on April 5, 2012 Tan Bing made unconfirmed and untrue statements to the media when he claimed that the film ULTIMATE DECODING (JUNG GIK GAI MA) was scrapped due to Yen's pressure. He also accused Yen Chi Tan of threatening a strike to make Jackie Chan give up his producer post, that he prohibited Han Geng from participating and spread rumors about Vincent Zhao Wenzhou's driver being murdered.

The case attracted a lot of media outlet and internet coverage, Tan Bing's behavior severely damaged the plaintiff (Yen Chi Tan)'s reputation. Thus he is suing to demand a written apology from the defendant online and 5 million RMB in compensation for the plaintiff's financial and psychological suffering.

The lawyer for the defense asked the court for those involved, like Jackie Chan, Zhao Wenzhou and Han Geng, to be witnesses and added other complaints. The matter will take some time to handle.

The lawsuit did not affect Yen Chi Tan. Two days ago he braved the cold to attend his new film THE ICEMAN's Beijing press conference to announce its April release. Yen Chi Tan and Wang Baoqiang appeared as armored guards. They said that it was their first press conference in armors. Yen Chi Tan not only performed but also directed the action. He proudly said, "This is a cooler modern martial art film." Wang Baoqiang made his action film debut, which Yen Chi Tan described as having muscle cramps from all the fighting.

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