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Michelle Hu, Andy Tien, Philip Ng
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Andy Tien and Philip Ng
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Jennifer Tse Ting Fing since announcing her break up with Andy Tien (On Chi Kit) in May has remained single, until recently she was rumored to be visiting Phuket, Thailand with a foreign man. They looked very intimate on the flight.

Andy yesterday promoted his film ONCE UPON A TIME IN SHANGHAI (NGOK JIN) in a Tsim Sha Tsui gym. He and his buddy Philip Ng Won Lung chatted and laughed. They often sparred as well. The news did not seem to affect him. Andy said, "I don't know, I have stayed in contact with her. We've been sending each other small animal photos. We are friends. Congratulations to her! (No hope of a reunion?) I never thought about wanting to get back together, I don't need to. I am single now."

Ng Won Lung in the film not only fought with Andy but also had romantic scenes. He joked that he was lucky enough to have a kiss scene with Mainland actress Michelle Hu Yan. He was so excited that he asked for three takes to enjoy it. He said, "In the past I often had fight scenes, this time I have a romance. (Did you inform girlfriend Linda Chung Ka Yun in advance?) I don't need to, she won't be mad. I am just working, I will invite her to the premiere. I hope she will be able to come."

Ng Won Lung admitted that the fight scenes in the film were a lot of fun. In particular Yuen Woo Ping personally directed the action, from which he benefited a lot. He said, "Injuries are inevitable in martial art scenes. In addition I would rather hit with might once then to fake fight for a dozen takes. During the shoot I went to the hospital many times, once I got dizzy from Andy's kick. The director even praised that the performance was very real. I told him it was because I was really fainting."

The film's producer Wong Jing honestly said that he saw Andy and Ng Won Lung's potential to become the new generation of martial art action stars. He said, "Now martial art stars have a generation gap, the fighting stars that everyone watch are all uncles. (Yen Chi Tan?) In comparison, he undoubtedly is an uncle. Uncle has uncle's way of fighting, but I think the Hong Kong film industry can promote one or two more new comers." He thanked Yuen Woo Ping for helping out at a friendly price, which was truly invaluable.

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