Tuesday, December 24, 2013


courtesy of singtao.com

Josie Ho Chiu Yi will perform at the Mui Nation organized Anita Mui ten years, encore charity Band show. Other guest performers included Candy Lo Hau Yam, Joey Tang Kin Ming, Patrick Lui Yau Fai, Dominic Chow Kai Sun and others. They will perform Sister Mui's golden hits together. Chiu Yi thanked Sister Mui for constantly encouraging her to persist in the show business. When she decided to join show business her sister Pansy Ho Chiu King objected. Her sister often yelled at her for not performing well, but her sister's friend Sister Mui praised and encouraged her. She remembered when she was 16 she swam with Sister Mui to practice breathing, she heard Sister Mui talk a lot about life. Sister Mui told her that once she was in the business she could not back out, no matter what others said she had to persist. Chiu Yi also received a lot of performance inspiration from Sister Mui. two years ago when she performed the play THE LIAISONS' theme song Mo Chun Fai criticized her for not singing it well enough. After she went home she felt a surge to listen to MANJUSAWA over 10 times. The next day she used this feeling and tune to sing and received Mo Chun Fai's praise for singing the feeling out. Sh finally realized that she had to sing from the heart like Sister Mui.

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