Sunday, December 15, 2013


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Andy Lau Tak Wa and Gordon Lam Ka Tung yesterday promoted their new film FIRESTORM (FUNG BO). Wa Jai was confident that it would make over 300 million at the Mainland box office but did not dare to estimate the Hong Kong box office. Some said that his daughter has been lucky, which Wa Jai gladly accepted. "Ummm......yes, I hope it keeps on going! I have said it many times, I really don't have a second child yet. I am in a hurry for one too. Am I working hard on it? I am working very hard at home and at work!" Wa Jai felt lucky that his life has been smooth sailing. He has not run into any storm except for a little ripple. Was disturbance for his family the biggest storm? Wa Jai understood that reporters had jobs to do, and he too had his own lifestyle.

Lam Ka Tung earlier was rumored to wed soon. He said, "I don't even have a girlfriend yet. I am in the market. If I have paparazzi following me and getting a photo (with his girlfriend), it's a win!" Lam Ka Tung was not afraid that his sexual orientation would be questioned. "I am very demanding, but I am low quality. You can't hurry love." Wa Jai asked Lam Ka Tung not to challenge the paparazzi. They years ago have been rumored to be gay and he did not want to be dragged in.

Wa Jai was asked to play matchmaker to widen Lam Ka Tung's social circle. Wa Jai revealed that when he promoted outside he often would meet with friends. Lam Ka Tung joked, "I am very envious and admire how Wa Jai does things and treats people. I too want it to be natural, I don't resist foreigners, but I have too many flaws that I can't change. My ideal other half can take care of family, know how to cook and make soup, and treat the elders well." He said that if the new film would reach HK$25 million at the Hong Kong box office he would date and if it would reach 60 million he would wed. Wa Jai burst his bubble. "He is destined to be single."

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