Monday, June 2, 2014


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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu at the end of the month will head to the U.S. to accept the 13th New York Asian Film Festival's Star Asia award, the first Asian actress to receive the award. Her boyfriend Peter Chan Ho Sun and their daughter will attend and share this joy with her.

Kwan Yu admitted that she felt very honored to be the first Star Asian Award winning Asian actress. She was the happiest about the support for Hong Kong films overseas from everyone. She sentimentally said, "Comedy has never been easy to play. This time the event praises me as the 'Comedy Queen', which is very meaningful ot me. It proves that my work has brought viewers joy without any difference of border."

The New York Asian Film Festival will take place between the 27th and July 14th. The festival will screen Kwan Yu's films GOLDEN CHICKEN and PORTLAND STREET BLUES as well. OVERHEARD 3 will open the film festival. Veteran actor Jimmy Wang Yu will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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