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Kabby Hui
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Rainky Wai, Kabby Hui, Irene Wan, Heidi Lee
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Irene Wan Bik Ha and three film industry new comers Kabby Hui Nga Ting, Heidi Lee Ching Yi and Rainky Wai Yu Yui promoted their film MAY WE CHAT (MEI GAU SIU NUI). Wan Bik Ha praised three new comers' acting as good and natural, better than when she made LONELY FIFTEEN (LAN MUI JAI) at age 15. Working with Kabby who played her daughter brought back a lot of memory for her. Kabby praised "Mommy" Wan Bik Ha as young and well maintained. During the table read when she first met Wan Bik Ha she did not dare to call her Mommy. "She may be able to pass for my sister at the most. She treats me very well, takes great care of me. She knew that I had a lot of pressure, constantly comforted and encouraged me and told me to relax, to be myself and naturally I would be good."

Kabby revealed in the film she had bed scenes with Dominic Ho Ho Man. Before the performance everyone had to drink red wine for courage, but this scene was the most extreme. The most extreme was a gang rape scene. Kabby went all out, "Demon Chest" Wai Yu Yui also had a nude scene but she used a double. She admitted that she did not dare to perform it herself. During the shoot she was only 19 and she really did not have the courage, perhaps after eight or ten years with the right script and co-star. She did not mind using a double. She even praised how great her double's figure was. The producer said that she was a little fatter than her.

Lee Ching Yi originally had to perform in lingerie, but she could not overcome the mental obstacle and TVB did not permit it. She could only wore a tank top instead. However, she learned to smoke for MAY. She said, "I practiced at home. Mommy suddenly came home and she was surprised. After that smoking scene I was hospital. For realism I smoked the entire package and got dizzy. Before hand in order to lose weight for the performance, I drank black coffee all day and caused bleeding in my stomach."

Wan Bik ha earlier flew to Greece for a charity photo book. She hoped to raise 1 million. She denied that the photo she posted online from Greece had a wardrobe malfunction and joked that everyone's imagination was too great.

Kabby in the Carrie Ng Ka Lai directed new film ANGEL WHISPERS (FA GAI LAU HONG) will play a prostitute. Kabby admitted that each subject was very daring but she was not worried about being typecast. "Every performance opportunity is a very valuable experience, I get to try different performance. Actually I have played a student, a bridesmaid and other character, all of which had great opportunities to put my skills on display." Kabby stated that she hoped to study acting with Anthony Wong Chau Sun. Unfortunately earlier due to scheduling she missed the chance at his lessons.

Kabby earlier went to Thailand for a month to work on the Ng Ka Lai directed ANGEL. She praised Ng Ka Lai as easy going and willing to teach acting. She learned a lot from her.

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