Wednesday, June 25, 2014


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Sammi Cheng Sau Man in the latest issue of the woman magazine Jessica talked about her first film with Nick Cheung Ka Fai, TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG). She said at the Beijing press conference that the experience was good. She even joked, "The difference between the feeling of kiss scenes with Andy Lau Tak Wa and Cheung Ka Fai was the different flavor!" She lightly directed the atmosphere of the entire event and again displayed her intelligence. "I seem to have full of ideas, but actually I like an empty mind the most. I look at everything from the simple angle." She said that at now at this stage of life she needed proper balance of body and mind as her strength was limited. "Do my best and let God handle the rest. I am like a farmer, work as the sun rises, rest as the sun sets."

Sammi's new film was another love story, with Cheung Ka Fai, Angelababy and Mainland actor Oho Ou. The cast was completely fresh. In the film real estate agent Ka Fai wanted to make a killing from home speculation but ran into government restriction of the property market. She had to move in with a strange woman and thus a light and humorous story ensued. The film's theme brought out "life's many possibilities". Already labeled a "successful artist", Sammi's life goal was very simple. "Do my best on every job, live well in life. Care more about other's needs, listen to and respect more different voices." Lately she has been even more active in the film industry. She said that she did not deliberately plan the transition. "I never plan to move the center of my career. Maybe it's only state of mind changes and evolution. To me, to break through myself on a certain level I have to jump out of my own comfort zone. I cannot afraid of hardship and the unknown in order to build another new world or even me."

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