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Lo Hoi Pang in the upcoming film THE Z STORM (Z FUNG BO) played an accountant who due to a moment of greed fell under an international corruption group's control. When he found his conscience it was already too late for him. The group threw him off a building as he landed in front of Louis Koo Tin Lok.

Director David Lam Tak Luk and the action director while directing this scene were obviously very tense. In order to complete the entire fall in one take, they tested the marks and prepared for several hours. Luckily the responsible stunt people were very professional and courageous. In the end they successfully got the fall from six to seven floors above in one take. Although Brother Pang did not need to perform the stunt personally, he looked on from the side and was worried for his stunt man. Although Goo Jai only had to sit in the car and provide a reaction, when the stunt man fell onto the car the windshield cracked from the tremendous impact. The glass almost cut Goo Jai, luckily his handsome face remained undamaged.

Later Brother Pang only had to lie on the car, but Goo Jai was very nervous. Aside from asking the crew to clear away the glass first, he also asked everyone to try the marks before letting Brother Pang on the car. Then he even helped Brother Pang onto the car and attentively reminded him, "Let them try the spot first!" Brother Pang however joked that the spot on the car was very comfortable. He even gladly lay on the car for the makeup artist to apply his makeup. Brother Pang still accepted how attentive Goo Jai was to him.

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