Friday, June 13, 2014


Radio DJ Maggie has no idea that how old Joe Cheng is until she read it in the paper
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Dayo Wong
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Dayo Wong Tsz Wa two nights ago attended a World Cup event and appeared with blond hair. Speaking of a pimple around his right eye, he said that lately he has been busy with his film SUN BEI BO JONG (MYSTERIOUS TREASURE, previously titled JEUNG BO JAI). Aside from the blond hair he also has been very busy working night and day. He said, "It's not done yet, after a few days of rest we will keep working. The pimple is from the lack of sleep. My neighbor has been renovating and can't be noisier." After the film Tsz Wa will prepare for his Hong Kong Coliseum stand up comedy shows. He said, "For now I will perform 9 shows, additional shows will depend on the reaction. The decision will be made after the official sale."

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