Saturday, June 14, 2014


Kabby Hui, Dominic Ho, Heidi Lee, Rainky Wai
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Kabby Hui Nga Ting, Heidi Lee Ching Yi, Rainky Wai Yu Yui, Dominic Ho Ho Man and director Philip Yung Chi Kwong yesterday promoted their film MAY WE CHAT (MEI GA SIU NUI). Hui Nga Ting, Lee Ching Yi and Wai Yu Yui all said that they were very nervous about their first film release. Hui Nga Ting said, "The film was made a year and a half ago, it's like my own baby's birth. However watching myself then I still had baby fat, I really wanted to beat myself up." Lee Ching Yi was happy to have the chance to make a movie as a new comer. Wai Yu Yui looked forward to the audience's reviews.

Hui Nga Ting said that after the event they would attend an audience appreciation event at the advanced screening. She was not afraid of being jeered because jeers were encouragement too. She instead was worried that the World Cup could keep people away. Lee Ching Yi said that she would suggest for the film company to go to bars and karaoke boxes to bring in viewers. Hui Nga Ting immediately made a promise. "If the box office will exceed 10 million bikini will be worn, but not by us. The director will wear it." Director Yung Chi Kwong said, "Sure, I will wear a bikini, but I will wear something underneath. You will have to wear cotton jackets." Wai Yu Yui did not dare to have too much box office expectation, she only hoped that the audience would pay attention to them. Hui Nga Ting hoped to attract viewers with the story and not her own passion scene as promotional focus.

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