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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu received the New York Asian Film Festival Star Asia Award, the first Asian actress to receive the honor. Earlier she, Peter Chan Ho Sun and their daughter Jillian went to accept the award in the U.S. Kwan Yu received applause as she accepted her award and attended the event question and answer segment. Some foreign viewers asked questions in fluent Cantonese, which immediately snapped her out of her jet lag.

At the award ceremony, the event praised Kwan Yu as a "queen of comedy" for her achievements. Kwan Yu said sentimentally during her speech, "I have been making people laugh for 25 years in show business. Today everyone describe me as a queen fo comedy, to me it is a recognition. So In order to thank everyone for their love and support for me, I have decided to make a change starting next year. I will turn to play the sexy, pretty girl roles......" She gave special thanks to her family for their support, in particular to Chan Ho Sun. The audience roared and the host immediately took the chance to invite Chan Ho Sun to the stage to share the joy with Kwan Yu. Kwan Yu was afraid that her daughter would be lonely in the audience and asked her if she wanted to come on stage. Her daughter took her teddy bear and went to the stage without fear, as the family of three accepted everyone's applause and congratulations.

Kwan Yu said that within three months she attended film festivals in Udine and New York, which made her feel that Hong Kong film culture still had a spot overseas. During the question and answer segment, her eyes were wide open. She joked, "Because to the time difference, I was already half asleep. However everyone was very enthusiastic with their questions. The most interesting was, the Chinese people asked questions in English; as I was prepared to communicate with a foreign viewer in English he actually spoke fluent Cantonese. I couldn't switch channel in time and I was immediately awaken. All the jet lag was gone." Half the audience were foreigners. Their questions were not only about her performing journey, but they also were curious about her 38G bust in the film GOLDEN CHICKENSSS (GUM GAISSS). They also wanted to understand what the Hong Kong spirit was.

After the screening, viewers even asked Kwan Yu for photos and autographs. Kwan Yu admitted that she gained a lot from this trip. Aside from an understanding of why foreign viewers were interested in Hong Kong films, she also learned from foreign media foreign film subject trends. That would be helpful to her future as a producer. After accepting the award, Kwan yu and her family officially began their month long U.S. vacation.

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