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First time director Nick Cheung does not have too much expectation for awards
The physical performance is the most challenging for Annie Liu
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Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai has won countless awards with his excellent acting. He went behind the camera and directed for the first time, as he invited goddess Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) to be the lead actress. In the film they had a kiss scene. Ka Fai said that the story required it. If Sum Yau's fans "(sour) grape" he believed that Sum Yau would speak up on his behalf.

Lau Sum Yau was the goddess of many men. Was Ka Fai worried that her fans would be jealous over the kiss scene? Ka Fai said, "The story required it, that scene wasn't very long but had intimate element. It wasn't extreme or excessive, just explained everyone's feeling. (Are you afraid of being accused of abuse of power?) No, if it was Sum Yau wouldn't make it. This isn't an erotic film and isn't out to shock people. (What if Sum Yau's fans get upset?) I believe Sum Yau would come out and explain for me."

After working with Sum Yau, Cheung Ka Fai praised that she was a good actor who was diligent with her work. He said, "I have watched her recent work, she is an improving actor. She is serious at work and has goals. She asks a lot of herself, I really want to work with her." As for directing for the first time, Cheung Ka Fai said that before hand he already knew that directing was a very exhausting and difficult job. He said, "Being both the director and the actor the work is more difficult. If I have another chance I would focus on only directing. I would have greater confidence to do even better." Was he confident about a New Director nomination, he humbly said, "I have acted for so many years, I haven't thought about much nominations; not to mention I am such an immature director, thinking about awards is too extravagant."

Lau Sum Yau said that Cheung Ka Fai's direction was serious. Before everything he would think very clearly before taking action. He took great care of her. As for many of the "possession" scenes in the film, she said that they were somewhat difficult. She said, "At first I didn't know which direction to take, later I talked with the director and I was very relaxed to try. I have always wanted more action and physical performance, but during the shoot I had to be possessed and mind the camera, expression and limbs. At the same time they were more difficult."

In the film she had to throw herself at Cheung Ka Fai. She explained, "Actually I played many characters, at the time I was another person. I liked to play two people in one scene, the contrast was enormous. In one scene I had to be floating in the air completely, physically I had to persist to be able to complete it."

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