Thursday, June 19, 2014


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Eliza Sam Lai Heung recently returned to Hong Kong from working on the film LAT GAING BA WONG FA in Malaysia. Yesterday she attended an event. Reportedly other actresses boycotted her during this film because Wilson Chin Kwok Wai gave her special treatment. She denied that and even said that she had a lot of fun with the six actresses like Jeana Ho Pui Yu and Joyce Cheng Yun Yi. They saw each other everyday and trained together. She was really reluctant to part with them when she returned to Hong Kong, luckily later they still will have to shoot in Hong Kong.

Heung Heung clarified that the director did not take extra care of any actor. Everyone's role was similar in size. This film was about sisterly love, no one character was particularly eye catching. She said that Yun Yi was her best friend because they both came from Vancouver. She pointed out that in the film she had a lot of action scenes, so injuries were inevitable; however she joked that her injury was not worth it. In one scene she had to fall down, but she was injured on her hair clip.

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