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Carina Lau says that she will focus on her play and will not take time off
Leads Tony Leung Ka Fai, Carina Lau and Tse Kwan Ho celebrate the success of their play TONNOCHY
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The Carina Lau Ka Ling produced, young Taiwan director Lai Chun Yu directed Filmko film's 60 million young romance SUMMER'S DESIRE will shoot on location in Taiwan, Japan and Korea and officially start production in September. Earlier the film company released two preview posters.

Lau Ka Ling produces for the first time, but at first the film company only asked Ka Ling to direct. However after consideration she felt that she was better suited as a producer as she would be more capable of helping this project that she liked. The switch to behind the scenes was refreshing to Ka Ling, but the difficult challenges lay ahead. In the first round of official information, the film company released two preview posters with different scenery. In the flying version poster three heart shaped clouds that intertwined carried the female lead Summer to the summer. In the balloon version, Summer went for a walk in the cherry blossom forest with three heart shaped balloons and slowly looked back. With the preview poster releases, lead actress Zhang Yuxi also surfaced. As for the two male leads, they still have not been unveiled yet.

In addition Lau Ka Ling, Tony Leung Ka Fai and Tse Kwan Ho's play TONNOCHY after tickets went on sale in late May sold out its 20 shows in two weeks. For more viewers to be able to enjoy this performance the organizers and the leads have agreed to add 6 more shows. The leads were very excited to hear the news and took time to celebrate with the producer Leung Lee Siu Ha, the director and the art director Mo Chun Fai.

Lau Ka Ling last night attended a store opening in Shanghai. She also revealed that because her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai did not like the heat, his new film has been postponed until September. "He is pretty happy, doing the opposite of what I do."

With the 6 additional shows of her play, she was very happy. She knew that the audience expectation would be very high and she would like to perform better. She admitted that she had pressure, which she could turn into motivation. In the future she would focus on rehearsal and not take any more time off. Would she not have any time to be with Wai Jai? Ka Ling said, "I don't need to, does he still need company! We are already used to having our own work space." Reportedly Wai Jai after his vacation would return to work on Jingle Ma Chor Sing's film PARIS RAIDERS (BA LAI GUNG LEUK). Ka Ling said that she only knew Wai Jai will work on a film in September, but she did not know whether it would be Ma Chor Sing's or Jia Zhangke's. Now Wai Jai is reading the script everyday in preparation. She revealed that Wai Jai's new film originally will shoot in July, but due to the heat it has been delayed until September. She poked fun at Wai Jai, "He is pretty happy, doing the opposite of what I do."

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