Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Oxide Pang yesterday on the way to work pleaded with reporters to spare his daughter
June 10: no express post meal
Alvin Lam and Oxide Pang leave the hotel for food
June 9: Daneil Lam and Oxide Pang arrived in the Beijing airport
June 10: going to lunch
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Third party Liddy Li Yuet Tung appeared between director Oxide Pang Shun and Angelica Lee Sinjie. He rushed to Malaysia to avoid the media and apologize to his wife. After over half a month of being by Lee Sinjie's side, two days ago he returned to Hong Kong and met up with Universe boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming to take the evening flight to Beijing. Pang Shun yesterday morning arrived at the Beijing airport. Before the Mainland and the Hong Kong reporters spoke he already said, "Just read Hong Kong newspapers!" When asked if his wife Lee Sinjie fell ill because of him, Pang Shun said, "My wife only has stomach pain, it's an ordinary illness." As for break up compensation to Liddy, Pang Shun said, "That never happened, some reports are true. They are so exaggerated that even I can't write such a story."

Pang Shun went to the hotel. When he and Lam Siu Ming went out to eat in the afternoon, reporters reluctantly took photos. He helplessly said, "The way you keep taking photos, people think that I am a superstar."

Lam Siu Ming said that they had to go to Beijing to discuss the details of the film OUT OF INFERNO 2 (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN 2), including applying for fire scene shoots with the police and research. He hoped the original cast would return. The film's production start date has not been decided. Mainly they would finish the script and pass inspection before they would be able to confirm.

Lam Siu Ming revealed that he will return to Hong Kong tomorrow. Pang Shun will stay one more day (Friday) in Beijing and return to Malaysia. In August he will head to Taiwan for a new film. Did he ask about Pang Shun's personal life? Lam Siu Ming said, "I didn't gossip because it is between the two of them." How did Pang Shun feel? Lam Siu Ming said, "Nothing much, he just worked as usual. Other than work, I didn't ask about anything else. I didn't console Pang Shun. Since it is between the two of them, outsiders can't help them to resolve it. I can only wish him well."

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