Thursday, June 26, 2014


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Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling and Babyjohn (Choi Hong Yik) yesterday dressed up to model the Emperor Jewelry's PAIO wedding rings. They received this series of rings. Because Babyjohn was already married, he said that they would wear it when they would play a couple in a film. He pointed out that this chance might very quickly be fulfilled, because THE WAY WE DANCE (KONG MO PAI)'s director Adam Wong Sau Ping said that when the film made 5 million at the box office he would take them to dinner. Two nights ago when he did he said that he would like them to guess star as a couple in his new film SHE REMEMBERS, HE FORGETS (OI DIK GUNG YUEN).

Babyjohn could buy another ring for his wife. He said that this ring design locked together and represented them. Thus he would not need another. Ngan Cheuk Ling said, "It's so gross, I am shivering just from hearing it. You don't need to be so open." Earlier Babyjohn was rumored to be a father soon. He denied that and said that they had a plan, but it would not be right now. Work came first right now. Later he will have additional shoots for SPL II (SAT POR LONG 2). He even joked that he was "Chicken Little on the Set". For his first gun scene, he asked if he could test the gun first. Ngan Cheuk Ling looked envious that Babyjohn was able to make an action film. With her dance background she wanted to be an action actress.

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