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Before the shoot, Shawn Yue looks cool in the vehicle
Joseph Chang concentrates fully on how the scene will be shot
Shawn Yue and Joseph Chang have a lot of fun working together
Shawn Yue's bloodied makeup is very convincing
Ringo Lam seriously directs the team
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Joseph Chang and Shawn Yue
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Shawn Yue Man Lok and Taiwan actors Joseph Chang Hau Chuen, Jack Kao and others two nights ago worked on the Ringo Lam Lan Tung directed new film BO JAU MAI SING (tentative title) in the Kowloon Bay factory district. They mainly worked on car chases and gun fight scenes.

This was Lam Lan Tung's return to directing in 2007's TRIANGLE (TEET SAM GOK). Yue Man Lok was very happy about learning that he got the part. "Lam Lan Tung is a director I admire, I can take the chance to learn".

Yue Man Lok's costume looked sloppy, his face even had bloodied makeup. He drove a tow truck while Chang Hau Chuen and others chased him. Chang Hau Chuen had facial hair and wore a tight tee shirt, showing off his physique. Although Yue Man Lok did not look as cool as Chang Hau Chuen's, but when he was not in a shoot he kept staring at the rear view mirror and made poses. He once paused for several minutes as if he was mesmerized with his own chok look. When the crew moved the vehicle in the front he finally got back into the production.

Chang Hau Chuen looked very serious and often studied how to perform with the director. When he sat in the vehicle, Lam Lan Tung did not want the shoot the seat belt. After discussing they covered it up with clothing. Chang Hau Chuen and Yue Man Lok also chatted and laughed when they were not working. Their collaboration appeared to be rather pleasant.

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