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Despite being in love, Zhou Xun still puts an effort into making OVERHEARD 3
Zhou Xun says that Felix Chong does not want her to be "decoration" in the film
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OVERHEARD (SIT TING FUNG WON)'s first two films were commercial and critical hits. This "men's film" that starred Sean Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) has reached its third installment and still is looked forward to. Yet this time added Best Actress Zhou Xun to steal the show and the focus immediately switched to her. Recently in love, Zhou Xun earlier in an interview with one of the directors Felix Chong Man Keung remained cool as usual but still displayed sweet smiles often. Speaking of this collaboration, she also said that everyone had great chemistry and they had no box office pressure.

OVERHEARD 3 this time added Zhou Xun. In the end Zhou Xun was said to have stolen the show from the three men, which Chong Man Keung admitted. Zhou Xun said that perhaps because she connected the entire story everyone had that illusion. Yet she was just one actor. In the past many female leads in "men's films" would only be decorations. Zhou Xun was an exception this time. She said, "The director took care of me and didn't want me to have that name." Chong Man Keung joked, "Haha! When have I taken care of you, I made you so ugly!"

Zhou Xun in the film worked any job to live, her look was very casual. In the entire film she only had light makeup. In the film she even had to work night soil collection. However she did not feel there was any problem. Chong Man Keung also pointed out that Zhou Xun was not an idol and did not mind. Zhou Xun joked, "A substance style still has to be pretty!" Zhou Xun said that the shoot was not too difficult, only that it took place in August and it was hotter. Some of Zhou Xun's lines were in Cantonese, but most were dubbed. She said that she was very familiar with each actor and was not afraid of her lack of fluency being made fun of. Thus she had no pressure during the shoot. Everyday she would read her lines to the directors. Zhou Xun has worked with all three male stars. They have known each other for a long time and their collaboration had great chemistry. Yet when asked which of the three she felt was the most charming, she was very careful and described them as "very cool".

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