Tuesday, June 17, 2014


courtesy of mingpao.com

Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) earlier posed for the cover of a high class fashion wedding celebration magazine DARIZI. Sum Yau earlier worked on Ka Fai's directing debut HUNGRY GHOST RITUALS (YU LAN SUN GUNG). Speaking of directing and starring this time, Ka Fai said that all along he has only been a specialty actor, even other entertainment jobs like hosting and concerts he rarely participated in. This time he had to act as well as direct, indeed it was somewhat difficult. However as long as he loved it, he would naturally have the strength to finish it. With enough love he would not care about anything else. Although Ka Fai had no directing ambition, he still gave his 100% effort. If he would have another chance to direct, he hoped to be able to do better than this time.

Sum Yau hoped to be able to make films of different genres. She was also very happy that since her start in the business her characters basically have not repeated. She hoped to be able to continue this lucky streak. She never minded how much the salary was or how tough the production would be, as long as the story was able to attract and touch her she would think it was worth a try. Ka Fai also said that luckily under complicated work environments he was still able to be loyal to himself. He said, "I am very lucky. I feel if I can be 70% of myself the level is already considered very high, not only as a person but in film as well. Some scripts may be very extreme and not suitable for the commercial market; some scripts may be very commercial but I still hope to have space to change in the character. Only such a film would have a soul."

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