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Louis Koo, Zhou Xun, Sean Lau
Dominic Lam (second left) with his wife, Alex Fong Chung Shun (right) with his wife Hoyan Mak (second right)
Michelle Ye has known Wallace Huo for ten years but they are not dating
Alex To and his wife
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Louis Koo and Sean Lau
OVERHEARD 3 actors wish for box office success
Zhou Xun looks happy in love
Michelle Ye is so busy that she does not even have time to rest
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The film OVERHEARD 3 (SIT TING FUNG WON 3)'s premiere took place two nights ago in the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition centre. last night was also the Metroplex cinema's opening ceremony. Directors Felix Chong Man Keung and Alan Mak Siu Fai led the actors including Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Zhou Xun, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Dominic Lam Ka Wa and his wife, Alex Fong Chung Shun and his wife Hoyan Mok to the red carpet. The financial secretary John Tsang Chun Wa, Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Council secretary Gregory So Kam Leung also attended the opening ceremony.

The event announced that OVERHEARD 3 already broke 200 million yuan RMB in the Mainland, the actors and the directors conducted the firecracker ceremony. Ching Wan appeared with a new look. With facial hair he looked thinner. He said that this was his new film SIU SUT DIK HUNG SAU (VANISHED MURDERER) look. Speaking of the success of his last two films, was he worried this time? He said that he would not. Speaking of singing in the film, he joked that he would soon become a singer. Goo Jai said that he and Ching Wan could become the "male Twins" and even joked that he should be able to do a cartwheel.

Goo Jai also said that he gave his all to his performance. In the story he had to break his leg, he joked that he truly saw off one leg. Some said that Zhou Xun stole the show in the film. He said, "I did my best, I even saw off my leg. Ching Wan also got a perm." Ching Wan's look in the film was funny, but Zhou Xun supported him and said he looked cool, retro yet appropriate. Why has Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) not promoted yet? Ching Wan said, "I am not sure, maybe he is busy with his daughter."

Lately Oxide Pang Shun's "cheating" scandal caused a stir. Third party Liddy Li Yuet Tung later was discovered to be the daughter of the killer in a shooting earlier. Goo Jai said that he did not know because he just got off the plane. Ching Wan helplessly said, "More powerful than the movie!" He worked with Pang Shun on the film OUT OF INFERNO (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN) but he said that they were not close. How could they still be unfamiliar after one movie? He joked that he worked with Goo Jai on over ten films and they were not familiar. Goo Jai joked, "Luckily you are OK, if not I would answer like that too. I would say I don't know you." Did Ching Wan feel Pang Shun was philandering? He said that he did not know. Goo Jai also pointed out that he had to get an understanding first, at the current stage he was not at liberty to comment.

In addition, Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen) recently has been linked to Mainland actor Wallace Huo in rumors. She pointed out that they were friends who have known each other for over a decade. Now she is so busy with work that she has no time to date; but she praised that he was decent. Would they have a chance to develop? She said that at this moment they would not. While friends turning into lovers is a possibility, she does not have the time now.

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