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Oxide Pang takes the flight from Hong Kong to Beijing for work
Alvin Lam goes to Beijing with Oxide Pang
Daneil Lam also heads to Beijing
Oxide Pang gets a bite while waiting for his transfer
Oxide Pang finally appears
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Oxide Pang Shun after being caught cheating with pseudo model Liddy Li Yuet Tung immediately flew to Malaysia to apologize to his wife Angelica Lee Sinjie. Lee Sinjie was seen going to a local hospital and Pang Shun was by her side. Since then they did not appear again. Later the media discovered that Liddy's father was the Kowloon Bay Kai Ching Estate suicide shooter, complicating the matter even more. All parties involved have declined to comment.

Earlier Pang Shun was rumored to be returning to Hong Kong yesterday to prepare for his August new film. Many media members flocked to the airport yesterday morning to wait. A reporter saw Pang Shun in Kuala Lumpur around 11AM, preparing to return to Hong Kong with his assistant. Lee Sinjie was not seen.

Perhaps because his family matter has been settled, Pang Shun smiled but did not speak. When his relationship with his wife was mentioned, he only simply replied with "OK" and declined to discuss whether Lee Sinjie has forgiven him. Pang Shun said that the media has written most of it. In the end he stated that he would not comment about his family.

Pang Shun arrived in Hong Kong around 5:30PM, but reporters waited for a long time and still did not see him. Reportedly Pang Shun upon arrival discovered that 50 reporters were waiting, to avoid the media he did not step out to the arrival lobby and instead flew to Beijing with his assistant. Liddy after returning to Hong Kong to identify the body immediately returned to the Mainland and did not appear again.

Some said that Pang Shun still did not know how to face the media and could only avoid them.

Universe executive and Pang Shun's friend Alvin Lam Siu Keung said about the chance of delay for the film, "The most important is the movie is good. It has ample preparation, script and cast have been taken care of. A later start won't be a problem, but right now we have no such plan yet."

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