Friday, June 20, 2014


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DaDa Chan and Gordon Lam
DaDa Chan
Jenny Xu
Louis Koo
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The film Z STORM (Z FUNG BO) two nights ago held an audience appreciation event. Two actresses DaDa Chen Jing and Jenny Xu (Tsui Ching Man) promoted. Lead actor Louis Koo Tin Lok did not appear. DaDa said that later there will be audience appreciation events at different cinemas. How would she celebrate an ideal box office performance? DaDa immediately set up Goo Jai and joked that he was so rich he could donate some cash to a lucky drawing. Would she donate cash? She said no and joked that she would be responsible for the drawing. However DaDa very happily said that her friends who have seen this film praised her acting improvement. Speaking of TVB artist Coffee Lam Chin Yu's "handicapped bathroom intimacy incident", DaDa said that she did not know them but was very surprised to read the report. She never thought that something like this would happen and believed that they were under the influence of alcohol. She stated that something like that would never happen to her.

Tsui Ching Man in the film had a scene in which Koo Tin Lok kissed her. It was just a peck but she said that her friends were very envious. Tsui Ching Man admitted that during the shoot she was very nervous because this scene was added last minute. Luckily Goo Jai was able to help her get into the character. She said, "The director told me to be a little more daring, actors can't be shy. In the end I was very happy to meet the director's demands."

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