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Jackie Chan says Willie Chan's comments have not affected him
Jackie Chan is prepared for a difficult shoot in costume in the desert
Adrien Brody looks cool as a general
John Cusack, Amanda Wang, Jackie Chan, Lin Peng, Daniel Lee wishes for good performance for DRAGON BLADE
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Jackie Chan's former manager Willie Chan Chi Keung earlier pointed out that they parted ways because Jackie Chan went overboard and did not listen to his suggestions. Jackie Chan two nights ago attended the Shanghai Film Festival opening ceremony and avoided the subject. Yesterday when he promoted his film DRAGON BLADE (TIN JEUNG HUNG SI) he was asked about the incident again. He said, "I have been working on the film, I haven't paid attention to any gossip." Would Chan Chi Keung's comments upset him? Jackie Chan smiled and said, "No, no." Then the crew dragged him away.

Jackie Chan's new film DRAGON BLADE had a production cost of US$65 million, with Adrien Brody and John Cusack. Because Adrien Brody was working in Bulgaria, his video was shown. He would like to join the production in China soon. John Cusack said hello in Chinese and greeted everyone. Jackie Chan revealed that he chose John Cusack because his casting standard mainly looked at character and work ethics. John Cusack had both and in addition he had dominant presence. He was very suitable to play a Roman general. John Cusack said that he grew up on Jackie Chan films. After learning about the chance to work together, he immediately agreed as it was his honor. He said, "On the set I called Jackie Chan Big Brother!" Jackie Chan immediately handed him the microphone and John Cusack loudly said in Chinese, "Big Brother!"

Jackie Chan revealed that while shooting in Hengdian he sprained his leg. Later they will shoot on a desert. Mainland actresses Amanda Wang Ruoxin and Lin Peng also attended. Wang Ruoxin in the film will play Jackie Chan's wife.

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