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Yesterday was the first anniversary of Master Lau Ka Leung's passing.  Mary Jean Reimer and disciple Sin Kwok Lam attended a ceremony
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"The Grand Master of a Generation" Lau Ka Leung passed away a year ago. Widow Mary Jean Reimer and older daughter Man Yi yesterday led the disciples to Tai Po Ling Wan Monastery for a ceremony. She revealed that yesterday Lunar May 18th was the one year anniversary of Master Lau's passing. She said that the earlier established Lau Ka Leung Martial Art Film Charity Foundation has already received government approval. Aside from assisting injured stunt people, it also wants to assist people who want to study but do not have the money to and people who has no money for funerals. She said, "We started first with a donation drive with our own family and disciples. Sin Kwok Lam will be responsible for the activities. These things that require energy is better off for people with energy to deal with." She said that Master Lau liked children, thus they wanted to start a martial art school to promote martial arts and pulled some of the double loss youth from video games back on track. The target will be children above age 14.

A year after Master Lau's passing, Mary Jean Reimer said that she has calmed down emotionally, but she still had sad times. Sometimes when she thought about it she would be sad, but she also had to look ahead. Time was the best doctor. However, her daughters still have not recovered emotionally. "This day happened to be Father's Day. Last Father's Day Master Lau was already very seriously ill and in critical condition, the daughters didn't believe it so they didn't celebrate. They still feel very guilty about it now. I told them not to think too much, Master Lau has spent over 20 Father's Day with them."

Sin Kwok Lam agreed and supported the plans. Because the martial art school still has not opened yet, now he is contacting community centers to provide locations. He would teach kung fu for free as well.

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