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Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Janelle Sing Kwan two nights ago attended the Hong Kong celebration for their film Z STORM (Z FUNG BO). Yesterday they flew to promote in Taiwan. At the press conference, Ka Tung even was asked to reprise his scene in which he tossed money at DaDa Chan Jing. Sing Kwan wanted to try it too and in the end they kept throwing prop money at each other. Then they threw it at reporters. Ka Tung also took the chance to play a prank on Sing Kwan. He said that he wanted to teach her how to toss money. Sing Kwan stood still and waited for Ka Tung's advice when he threw all of the prop money in his hand at her face. Sing Kwan was "naturally stunned" and did not know how to respond. Ka Tung was afraid that she might be upset and immediately apologize to her, but Sing Kwan said that she was not mad at Ka Tung. She just did not know how to react.

Ka Tung said that he was just trying to cheering up the event, luckily Sing Kwan was not mad. Would he take Sing Kwan to dinner to make up for it? He joked, "Dinner of course is no problem, I know she likes spicy food very much. Maybe after work we will have spicy hot pot casserole with the promotional team." Two nights ago at the celebration Ka Tung won HK$500 from the lucky drawing. Boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming gave anyone who did not win a prize HK$500.

This Was Sing Kwan's first promotion in Taipei. She admitted that she benefit a lot. Their promotional methods were very special, the press conference was a game show and a lot of fun. Ka Tung had to throw money at her and her leg length was measured at the event, she said that it was not awkward. It was a lot of fun instead. She understood Taiwan viewers might not know her, this way reporters could take more photos of her. Working with Louis Koo Tin Lok and Ka Tng in the film, she admitted that if she could choose she would choose Ka Tung. Because she liked humorous guys who liked to laugh.

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