Friday, June 6, 2014


17 year old screen writer Jeremy Lin Yang and Alan Tam
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The film SENIOR PROJECT (YING JAI JAP JOK) charity premiere took place at the Hong Kong University last night. Alan Tam Wing Lun was the guest. This time he attended as the producer and received an enthusiastic welcome from the audience and the students.

Alan said that SENIOR PROJECT's story was about young people chasing their dreams and should be encouraged. In addition, Oxide Pang Shun's cheating scandal has rocked show business. Reportedly Alan said that Pang Shun and Angelica Lee Sinjie were already secretly back in Hong Kong. Alan said, "People are used to making things up, I can't do anything about that. I returned from Kuala Lumpur Sunday, at the time I only saw reporters and not Pang Shun and Lee Sinjie. I am not someone who is used to revealing other people's family affair."

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