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The Nick Cheung Ka Fai's directing debut HUNGRY GHOST RITUALS (YU LAN SUN GUNG) will be released officially on July 10th. Ka Fai pointed out that he and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) both are afraid of ghosts, but this time they both challenged their own courage. Sum Yau in order to play the possession scene was often hang in the air. After a series of limb movements she was almost half dead. Aside from the bruises on her limbs, several times during the shoot she became nauseous. She pointed out that this time was just like an action film production.

Sum Yau pointed out that the most memorable was the ghost possession scene. In this scene smoke woke up Ka Fai when he discovered that someone was paying respect to him with incense sticks and offering. He angrily questioned her, but she suddenly became possessed. The ashes blew directly toward her eyes as she had to keep spinning nonstop. Sum Yau said, "When the smoke and the ashes rushed toward me, I was covered. I was tearing up and choking up. The continuous action had to meet Director Cheung's demand. I had to put a lot of efforts into the performance to achieve the beyond control possession impression. In the end I repeated the series of stunts all day. Finally I felt like I took a beating all over."

Sum Yau said that she still would consider making ghost films. As long as she was mentally prepared to be tossed, hung and rammed to death then she had nothing to be afraid of. She also joked that she actually was qualified to be an action actress. HUNGRY will hold a late night show next month at the Sunbeam Theatre. Sum Yau revealed that she has never gone to a late night screening in Hong Kong, she was both anxious and nervous.

Ka Fai admired Sum Yau's professionalism because the film had many physical performances. During the shoot she on her break kept watching the Brad Pitt zombie movie WORLD WAR Z and Michael Jackson's classic music video THRILLER to study the zombie movement.

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