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Liddy Li's performance in SEI FEI is sorrowful despite being a newcomer
Li Deren who ended his life with a gun was Liddy Li's father
Pakho Chau in SEI FEI plays a killer
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Pseudo model Liddy Li Yuet Tung became the third party to Oxide Pang Shun and Angelica Lee Sinjie's marriage. Her father earlier committed suicide in Kowloon Bay. Yesterday Liddy appeared at the morgue to identify her father. Liddy's earlier film SEI FEI seemed to have a similar story. First the title came from the character "Sin". In the film her closest were murdered and she plotted revenge.

Pang Shun recommended Liddy Li for the Wong Pak Kei directed SEI FEI, she even got her first lead role with lead actor Pakho Chau. Yesterday Wong Pak Kei said that the film was still in post production and has already applied for Tokyo Film Festival and Busan Film Festival.

SEI FEI was about killer Pakho Chau shooting and killing Lee Yuet Tung's mother. After being sent to an orphanage, Chau by chance adopted her. Actually Lee recognized her adoptive father Pakho Chau to be the culprit. She even used his obsession with her to complete her revenge plot. In the film Liddy had scenes in which she masturbated and pleasured Pakho Chau with her hand.

Would the film release date before pushing up due to the incident? Wong Pak Kei said, "Actually the post production in Hong Kong is almost done, but the company has to arrange the release date. Ultimately it is a business decision." Although Liddy was the lead actress with a lot of screen time, because she was involved in the third party affair and her father was suicide shooter Li Deren would her role be reduced out of concern for either? Wong Pak Kei said, "For now no decision has been made, and we have no intention to. We have to talk with the company again, so far no change has been made." Would he contact his mentor Pang Shun for an understanding of the incident? He admitted said, "I don't think they are related, let's wait for them to settle down slowly."

Would Liddy promote the film later during its release? Wong Pak Kei said, "Ultimately we have to keep the company in mind, let's see how they will handle it." Speaking of the daring parts of the film, the director revealed that he did not know yet whether it will be rated category III or any change will be made. "Ultimately the incident had quite an enormous impact on the society. We have to sit down and talk about it, we have to be careful!" Would it have any negative effect on the film? He said, "We can't think about that, right now we want everyone to be fine first." Wong Pak Kei also revealed that he was pleased with Liddy's on screen performance. "For a newcomer she was OK. When you said if Liddy's show business development has been impacted, no one truly can think about that, no one can respond to that. That is beyond our control." Would he work with Liddy again? He said, "That would depend on......I have no comment."

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