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Louis Koo, Max Zhang, Tony Jaa, Simon Yam, Wu Jing
Tony Jaa's guards
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Louis Koo
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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Thai action star Tony Jaa, Max Zhang Jin, Wu Jing, Ken Low Wai Kwong, director Soi Cheang Po Shui, producer Wilson Yip Wai Shun and Paco Wong yesterday attended the film SPL II (SAT POR LONG II) press conference. The film has already been in production in Hong Kong for awhile and highlight from the film was shown. Tony worked on a Hong Kong film for the first time and had over 20 security guards. His police friend also attended with him. He first introduced himself in Cantonese and said that he was very happy to work with so many substance actors. During the interview, he through his translator said that this time in the film he played a prison guard. His character's nature was kept secret. In the film he had many fight scenes with Wu Jing and Zhang Jin. He said, "These two co-stars are very powerful, but they have their own fighting style." He said that this time everyone had martial art exchanges and pointed out that during the shoot he had ordinary injuries that were inevitable. As for the guards, he said that they were his manager's request.

Wu Jing starred in SPL ten years ago. Ten years later he felt that he has changed a lot, from the kid before to now married and soon to be a father. Wu Jing and Zhang Jin both said that they were hurt during the shoot. Zhang Jin even showed his bruise on his arm. Wu Jing scratched the back of his hand. Did Wu Jing have a lot of fight scenes this time? He said that he took a lot of beating and joked that Heaven was very fair. However this time he had a lot of fun from taking beatings. In one scene though he was beaten until he lost consciousness. Zhang Jin said that in that scene he jumped up and kicked Wu Jing. Because he had glass behind him, the back of his head hit the glass. He said that this scene took 16 takes. He felt bad and sorry for hitting him and hoped that next time Wu Jing would hit him. Zhang Jin said that in the film Tony and Wu Jing teamed up against him. How did working with Tony feel? He praised that he was very lovable and he taught him Tai Chi. Zhang Jin also said that he and Wu Jing had quite a connection. When they were 11 or 12 they participated in martial art competitions together. They would see each other twice a year, but this was their first collaboration.

Speaking of the upcoming Father's Day, Zhang Jin said that his daughter just sang a song to him and he truly was almost moved to tears. Wu Jing said that his wife just had a child but he already felt like a father. He said, "In the past whether hitting people or getting hit our stunt team brothers could be very vicious, but as soon as they saw their children would completely change. I am now changing now." Koo Tin Lok in the film played the villain. He said that during the shoot he was injured too. He took a pacemaker to the head. He said that later a car crushed his chest but luckily he was fine. He said that he had old wounds and was a little affected. When he jumped he had pain. Earlier Goo Jai reportedly will work on the Oxide Pang Shun directed OUT OF INFERNO 2 (TO CHOOK SUN TIN 2). He said that he knew it was in preparation but no discussion has been made yet. Supposedly Pang Shun wanted to save his marriage with Angelica Lee Sinjie with this film. He said that he was not certain and had no comment, but he also hoped that the original team would return.

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