Thursday, June 12, 2014


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Taiwan goddess Michelle Chen and Chinese actor Dou Xiao starred new film URBAN GAMES will open today. Michelle Chen in the film played an extreme sport athlete who ran into Dou Xiao at a competition in Korea. During the process they uncovered a mysterious group's conspiracy and even fell in love.

Michelle Chen admitted that the game scenes were not the most difficult, instead the numerous costumes in the film confused her. Aside from her usual innocent look, she also had to wild cosplay costume in the game. She even had to have a fake tattoo on her arm and blue wig. "To me it is both interesting and challenging. In one scene Dou Xiao and I danced and romanced, but I used a wild and cool tone to deliver my lines. Dou Xiao was frightened as he thought Michelle Chen suffered from a personality split.

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