Monday, June 9, 2014


Huang Bo, Vicki Zhao, Peter Chan, Hao Lei
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Huang Bo, Vicki Zhao, Peter Chan, Tong Dawei
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The Peter Chan Ho Sun directed and produced, Vicki Zhao Wei starred new film CHUN OI DIK SIU HAI (DEAR CHILD) wrapped up its production earlier and held a press conference in Beijing yesterday to announce the film's official title change to CHUN OI DIK (DEAR). The film also revealed its September 26 release date. The first trailer was screened. At the press conference, Chan Ho Sun appeared with actors Zhao Wei, Huang Bo, Tong Dawei, Hao Lei, Zhang Yiliang. Huang Bo joked about the title change, "The film is about us losing our child, thus DEAR CHILD is only left with DEAR."

After the trailer moved many reporters on hand, even Zhao Wei who watched the trailer for the first time said, "This time in the Chan Ho Sun directed film, I can be said as going through a total transformation! It gave me an enormous change and an enormous challenge. I played a dear farmer mother who came from the earth and had the fragrance of the earth. At first I didn't dare to take this role because in the past I often played lively and cute characters mostly. Although I am older, I have confidence in the director this time so I cherish this opportunity. Actually at the first costume fitting, I really didn't recognize myself." Zhao Wei even said, "Actually the biggest challenge for us during this production is physical, because every morning when the cameras rolled we had to keep running to find our child. We cried everyday too, but actually the easiest to cry on the entire team was director Chan Ho Sun."

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