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Wong Yau Nam looks a little stiff in photo with Karena Ng
Prudence Liew
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Karena Ng Chin Yu, Wong Yau Nam, Prudence Liew (Lau Mei Kwan), Raymond Wong Pak Ming and his son Edmond yesterday attended the film WONG KA YUN's production start ceremony. Chin Yu revealed that the film was a 90s love story. She and Yau Nam would turn from friends into lovers, but this on screen couple looked very awkward together during the photo opportunity. Yau Nam even appeared to be caught off guard. Chin Yu joked, "I don't feel awkward, only he does. Although it is our first collaboration, we have seen each other several times. I feel he is very active and a good talker."

Would Chin Yu have any intimate scene in the film? She admitted that she would take the initiative and get close to him, but since it was a romantic film it would have too many. Did her boyfriend prohibit her from making intimate scenes? She said no, she even said that in comparison to her boyfriend hers were very minor. "His intimate scenes were much sharper, so he had no reason to mind mine. In addition he has acted for so many years, he knows what is going on. I believe that he is rich in intimate scene experience. (Would you rehearse with your boyfriend?) No, but I have studied the script with him and listened to his advice. However the discussion was very awkward." As for Raymond Lam Fung's injury, Chin Yu said that it was an old wound so immediate recovery would be difficult. Now every week he still has to see a doctor for physical therapy.

Yau Nam denied that he felt awkward while posing for photos with Chin Yu. He explained that he did not know how to pose. Was he worried that he would upset Lam Fung? He said, "No, everyone knows she is his, and I know him anyway." He also felt that Chin Yu was very talkative and believed that their collaboration would have spark. In addition, he also cut his always long hair short for this performance. He said that it was already his personal limit. After 14 months away from Hong Kong, Lau Mei Kwan was actually playing grandmother in the U.S. This time the script attracted her back to perform in Hong Kong. Was the offer substantial? She joked, "I got heavy metal!" She honestly said that she had a lot of fun looking after her grand child. "I don't have to give birth, I don't have to be responsible, I can spoil it without upsetting myself. It is a lot of fun. (Would you miss your grand child?) So I ask them to finish my scenes three to four weeks, at the same time I have postponed my album recording to next year. I don't want to miss the first year of my grand child's growth."

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