Friday, June 13, 2014


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Artists Maggie Siu Mei Kei and Kenny Wong Tak Bun earlier promoted their film SECOND COMING (CHUNG SUN). Maggie revealed that in the film she became pregnant after being raped and was forced to use "ancient ways" of chili pepper and silver needle for abortion. "In the movie, with no other options, I am forced to stuff red chili pepper and silver needle to abort the pregnancy. Although it was just a movie, I couldn't believe how hot the pepper was. My thighs reacted and I had to use milk and ice all day afterward to be barely able to walk!"

Tak Bun in the film not only had a shower scene but also had to avenge Maggie as he castrated the enemy. "It's more than just busting his head open! I even separated him like an air conditioner!"

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