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Dayo Wong comes up with his costume despite being a guest star
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The Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Angelababy starred, Cheuk Wan Chi directed romantic comedy with city home ownership as its backdrop, TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG), will be released in the summer. Earlier a trailer in which Ka Fai as a real estate agent introduced the cast was released. Not only has it gone viral, Ka Fai's lines "I will do my best" and "When is the time to buy a home? When you can afford to buy, it is the time to buy a home." have immediately become trending real estate sales pitches. The film guest starred Dayo Wong Tsz Wa, who was one of the hot properties that Ka Fai was talking about.

Tsz Wa in the film played Cheng Sau Man's former husband. Although he was only guest starring, he spared no effort with his appearance. He even grew facial hair for a film for the first time. Ka Fai and Tsz Wa already knew each other privately. Although it was their first collaboration they already had chemistry. Ka Fai thanked Tsz Wa as he said, "We didn't have many scenes together, but he studied every scene in great detail with everyone and gave all his effort. I ran into a good co-star and had a lot of fun with the performance."

Although they were good actors, they were no match for their fellow dog guest star. On camera, the dog did not seem to be in sync with Tsz Wa and Ka Fai. It often went off camera or refused to walk no matter what, leaving them sweating bullets. Yet off camera it let the team hug it all they wanted. Ka Fai and Tsz Wa did not know whether to laugh or to cry, finally they both agreed, "Today finally we have run into a strong rival, it is the best acting lead in the film."

Tsz Wa admitted that he took the film not only because director Cheuk Wan Chi was a friend but also because the script was realistic, thus he really wanted to support it. He said in protest, "Hong Kong's housing problem is absolutely absurd, I have talked about this topic in my stand up comedy too. Hong Kong people need to have 13 or 14 times their current annual salary to be qualified for home ownership. It's unreasonable."

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